Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Accident at Cedar Run Update

Here are more details from Fred and Clare Gost about the accident:
"The kids in the truck were pretty drunk. They wrecked about 4 or so, and were able to get out through the back window. They got themselves to the bank and slept I guess until it was light. They saw Hershey camp, walked up there and no one was there. They then walked out the lane and out onto Beulahland road and our place was the first place they saw, and they knocked on our door about 7:30. They said they were stuck in a ditch somewhere, didn't even know where it was, and didn't want us to call for them to get help. One called his mother and Fred took them out to 414 where they walked towards Jersey Shore. When they got up to 414, they saw where they went over, and told Fred that's where it was. We walked up the trail a little later, and saw where the truck was, and then called George who set the wheels in motion. Two of the kids were in the ER when we talked to the driver of the truck and his family while they were trying to get the truck out. One had a broken wrist, that's what he said he knew was wrong with him. Don't know about the other guy, didn't see much of him. He only had a couple scratches. They were really lucky. The state police found a lot of unopened beer in the truck and I'm sure there will be lots of fines, etc involved. Nothing further to report. Don't know if it made the paper or not."

Thanks alot Clare for the information, Mountain Girl, Paula, Logging out!

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