Monday, November 19, 2007

Say it isn't Snow!

Yesterday, the snow started covering everything with a beautiful blanket of interesting designs. I particularly liked the way the snow clung to the roll of fencing. By the end of the evening we were without power for the night. Spending time talking in the glow of kerosene latrines. Without bright light it is difficult to do much but talk and so bedtime came early with the hope of power in the morning.

At 5 am the power came back and I opened the door to 6 inches of snow outside. Working on a roof today will be a difficult job of shoveling. I am hoping my tarp held most of the snow back so we have a clean surface to start the day. This is the time of year being a carpenter is not looked at with envy by the outside world. Wish me luck it is off to work I go.

Mountain Girl, Paula, logging off.

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