Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guard Rail or NOT!

For the last 5 years of living up here I have driven past this stretch of road on 414 between Blackwell and Cedar Run. It is called the narrows by everyone around here with good reason. But one thing always gets me...exactly who went through the guard rail in two places and did they drop the 200 feet down to the creek?

This is a State Road in an area the State promotes as a place for visitors to come, " The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon", yet they leave us with this sort of major road hazard. When will the State put their money were their mouth is and do something to make access to this beautiful
resource safer.

This "guard rail" is more like some wild ride to your death rail and needs fixing and the narrows need widening. Passing any large vehicle on this road especially at this spot is a religious experience. I hope no one important has to die before this road hazard is fixed.

Mountain Girl, Paula, praying for a miracle on 414.


buckstrang said...

My great grand mother would tell some real scary stories to us as kids about the narrows and horse and buggies falling to there deaths, trains derailing hitting rocks its always been one those places where we were afraid to pass as kids!

eaglebear said...

It is fixed now as of last year. Would love to talk to your grandma email me directly.