Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving in Leetonia

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family and we were blessed with having my brother, Rob, come up to spend the holiday with us. There he is standing in front of the pond. Of course the next most important thing food, which we had a lot of including the pumpkin pie.

Lee and I heard a emergency siren on the other side of the mountain this morning, but no word as to what that was about. However, we did hear of an accident at Cedar Run sometime last night. The fog was really bad and if you don't know the roads and drink you can end up upside down and the bottom of a hill. That is exactly what

happened to four people on Beulahland Road, just about a half mile up from town at the first sharp turn. The road turned and they didn't. They spent the night up there with their empty beer cans and had to be hoisted out this morning.

Please don't drive after you drink up here these roads are hard enough to drive sober. Fortunately, no fatalities. Well, I hear my brother snoring after dinner so it must have been good. You all have a great Thanksgiving.

Mountain Girl, Paula, Logging out.

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