Friday, October 21, 2011

Cedar Crest Finished

First picture is fireplace(creates atmosphere), second picture wood burning stove(creates heat), third picture wood shed, and last picture Cedar Crest.
From 1991 log:
July 4th
Ken, Arlon, Butch and Low put in side windows was raining all day, had crab cakes, fried potatoes, pepper cabbage. Showered went to Frank Bering camp to sleep.
July 5th All 6 guys started cementing between logs got side towards Cedar Run finished about 7:30. Ate supper took our baths at Lee Pines. We pitched horsehoes and went to bed darn tired.

My summary of the rest of building:
By the end of July all the chinking(cement between logs was done). In August they concentrated on finishing work inside cabin. Slate floors were done. Bunk beds assembled. Appliances installed and the wood stove installed. On Labor day weekend the first shower was taken inside the camp. They declared the camp complete on Sept 8th and got back to doing what they have always done at camp, fishing, hunting, and telling stories.

Hopefully, in the future I will get some of the in process pictures. But this is truly a story of taking a bad circumstance and turning it around into a special memory to share with generations to come of the summer Cedar Crest came back from the ashes. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Ruth said...

All I can say is: Wow, what an awesome camp! They did a wonderful job; they should be very happy with the result. Thanks for sharing this.