Sunday, October 16, 2011

From the ashes Cedar Crest

The picture is not Cedar Crest is a stock picture of burnt cabin. In the late 1980's- 1990, Leetonia was plagued  by a series of theft and arson. This is the story of one camp's journey in their own words back from the ashes. 

Although most logs start at the beginning, it is with sorrow that this log shall begin at the end:

On December 23, 1990 the crazies, who were on the loose for several weeks in Leetonia pillaging the camp, climaxed by burning Cedar Crest and six other camps in the area.

Although they destroyed thousands of dollars worth of property, they accomplished little for there was more to Cedar Crest than the building where we slept. The spirit of the camp can not be destroyed by fire, or flood, or the crazies themselves, so long as we have our memories.
Some day I will be telling my grand children how my grandpa died on Fahneystock Mt. and how my father took me fishing at Rattlesnake Rock, and Joe Benardo’s son Tony will be telling his kids how he shot his first buck in the dam hollow across from camp.
But now is the time for change, and like the legendary Pheonix, Cedar Crest shall rise from the ashes. No Cedar Crest has not been destroyed it’s just gone through some major changes and this is the story of those changes and the memories not yet made.

(Signed) A.R.S.

I will continue to post this journey each day as recorded by Cedar Crest members. I remember the fear these few drug crazy people introduced into our town and am glad its time is past. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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