Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cedar Crest Reconstructing

Second blog in series about Cedar Crest
I am leaving words and grammar alone as much as possible to maintain the authenticity of this log.

March 9,1991

Sat March 9, 1991
The roads finally thawed enough to allow entry to camp. No one has been there since Dennis and Linda were up Christmas Day. Although, someone made it in far enough to steal our lawnmower.
We talked with Don Harris in Marshlands about the logs for camp: Cost $325 per truck load. We then went to see Bravo Buttons to get a building permit. He lives about 3 miles from Don. The permit cost $7.50. It was $5.00 for first thousand and .50 for each additional thousand and we valued construction at $6000. We then went to see Jack House of Morris who owns a sawmill. He already had the lumber cut that Daddy ordered. We couldn’t have gotten a nicer lumber for twice the money and he was cheaper than any mill I’ve seen down home. He also helped us by letting us get rid of the junk and debris from camp.
-Amber & Ken

Day One March 16th, 1991
Left house at 7:00 am on Sat. 16th of March to clean up ruble from burned camp. Ron and B.J. went in Ron’s Jeep. Bob and myself went in 67 Chev Truck.
Stopped to eat in Jersey Shore; arrived at Camp about noon. What a mess loaded the large junk in the truck, Bob and I took the junk to Jack House’s sawmill. Paid Jack for lumber and unloaded the junk. We brought some lumber alone back to camp.
Went to Lebo Camp to spend the night. Heated up the bean soup went to bed in a feather bag. 10degrees when we got up at 6am. Had bacon and eggs, that Bob made. Went back to camp filled the truck with more junk. Ron and BJ had everything clean in front of foundation. Bob Overholtier was the first man to drive thru the driveway(So what) We all went to unload it at the sawmill. We got gas in Morris. Unloaded the truck and loaded some scrap wood. Stopped at Morris Hotel for hamburger went back to camp. Put up cables at driveway. Made deer steaks over fire. Packed up left about 5:00pm Sun. March 17th for home. ---Ken—

And the fun is just beginning. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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