Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spring hopes eternal for Cedar Crest work continues

4th Blog in series about Cedar Crest
As typical with weather in the Spring here in Leetonia, Cedar Crest had the on and off again battle with rain hindering progress. I decided to compress the work during the month of April as much was repetitive.

 April 7th-April 29th. Chimney work started. A lot of rock moving, rain and it appears a few people not feeling too well. Most of this time spent getting walls up and preparing logs for floor joists. 

May 5th-May 31st.
Stone work continues on stairway and back side of cabin. During the month the floor joists are put on and the decking finished. The cabin second floor is framed up and logs put between sections. By the end of May they are now battle with black flies and humidity.

June 8,1991 Actual log:
Ron, BJ & Bob  Got in about 1:00am Arlon and Josh in after 3am up at 8 am.
Unloaded both trucks of Aspenite then started cutting rafters and setting Joists got rafters set by 1:00 PM ate Lunch and back to work. First, filled Gables with aspenite and pulled roof level. Put Braces on then finish gables with rough Pine boards. Took down boom and pine tree that held it. Bob, BJ & Ron finished around 9:00pm…..—Arlon—

*My understanding is that the pine tree that held the boom became part of the ridge pole for the building.

Cedar Crest gets a roof.
June 16th, 1991
Guys rallied and worked hard getting ¾ of roof on cabin looks real good. Filled in logs in the top front and back.
June 17th, 1991 finished all the roof today also did the floor up stairs and started the front porch roof.
June 18th, 1991
Finished porch roof with boards. Will put roll roofing on at end of week. Put log strips over 2x4 plates. Started filling in behind old chimney and started putting up new chimney. Sanded some on aspenite floor. Dug up pump and took it to Germania to be checked. Put in 2 more stair steps(Their stairs are all stone so each step took a quite a bit of time).
The rest of June they got the chimney fixed, the pump working, put in a shower, finished railing on stairs. By the end of June things were definitely getting tightened up and weather-proofed.

All things considered they did a great job getting this work done only on weekends. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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