Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cedar Crest rebuild continues weekend 2

Third blog in series about Cedar Crest
For anyone who dreams of building a log cabin, I am betting none of your dreams have rain and mud in them.

 Friday March 22 1991
Second Weekend Clean up (It rain all weekend)
Bob B.J Ron Ken

Left my house about 2:30PM Friday afternoon. Stopped in Allenwood for gas arrived at Lee Pines Camp at about 6:30. Had trouble with cook stove finding the damper. So the cabin got filled with smoke after 1 ½ hours the smoke cleared and Ron started his world famous chile. The cooking takes very little time (Ha Ha) only 3 hours. After eating Kenny went to bed Ron and Bob took all of B.J.'s money.
The next Day everyone was up and working on the final clean up of the cabin. Ron saw 2 big Jake Turkeys on the way over to out camp. Have one large load before breakfast. Got back and had a great breakfast took a nap. Went back and loaded up the final load of scrap. Bob and Kenny took the load over while Ron & B.J. dug a trench to put up the new staircase wall…… Mud, Mud, Mud , Mud. ----Ken---

Weekend of March 28th – 30th (condensed )

Butch, Ken, Dennis, Ron, Bj, Paul, Paul Jr. Dave, and Arlow. All stayed at Lee Pines while working that weekend.
Friday, March 29th 1991 Went to work on Cedar Crest at 8:00 am. Put temp service  pole in set up cribs and started masonry. Got most of wall on east side of camp laid up and part of back wall. Put plates in the front wall to start logs. Hauled rocks to face block but still need more. Weather held but they want 100% chance of rain tonight and temp to drop to 20’s. Ken La Gree let us eat breakfast at 2PM. We had lunch at 8:30PM the men decided to just skip the 4:00am supper.—Arlon—
Saturday March 30,1991 Arlon got up abt 1am to go to bathroom and saw Wallies place on fire. Arlon, Paul Mogel, and Sons had fire under control til fire dept arrived. The body got up late Sat morn. ABT 9:00 am ate Late Breakfast and late start. Got down to camp ABT 10:30 am finished back wall masonry---Dennis---
Sun March 31, 1991Up at 7:30am ate breakfast then off to work. Dennis, Paul and Butch cleaned camp Ken go measurements fo 1st logs then started figuring out for windows and getting tools together. The rest went to set logs. Arlon measured, Ron cut and the coolies(B.J., Paul Jr & Dave) loaded. All in all, great weekend. Got lots done. ---Arlon---

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