Friday, February 10, 2012

More than one way to finish a cabin

Here is an interesting idea for those of you with access to a lot of skids, a planer and a joiner. One of my customers is taking pine boards from skids and re-purposing them for the inside of his cabin. He does a batch brings them up and I nail them up for him. So far we have the bathroom
and the ceilings done.
The first picture gives you a close up of the boards after he planes them and rabbits both edges in opposite directions. They are very rustic looking, and gives the owner a sense of turning something to be thrown out into something of beauty.
The second and third pictures are the ceiling inside the camp. This process takes a lot of time to do all the prep work to make the "free boards". After they are all up they will be varnished.
The ceiling area of 20 foot by 30 foot took me about 12 hours to cover the ceiling at 3" a row. I am not sure how long it took him to make the boards, but I am guessing longer than I spent putting them up.
Now that the ceilings are done, the walls are next and I will be waiting for some more finished boards to do that part.
It is supposed to get cold over the weekend and snow a bit. So I am planning on working around the house over then next couple days. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.


Anonymous said...

These pictures makes me like my raggedy camp even less!

Anonymous said...

hope there is nothing wrong? haven't seen any updates since the easter bunnie