Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weather still strange

We got 2-5 inches of wet snow in the middle to upper part of the mountains yesterday, unfortunately it was followed with rain and freezing temperatures. The North side of mountain froze up pretty good. On the way back from town today we got a snow squall that was absolutely beautiful as you came into the forest; something you would never hear me say if we had been having real snow this winter.

As I was enjoying the view I saw a logging truck coming out of the woods loaded towards me. Now it is not fun. The road wasn't plowed wide enough for both of us so being the smaller one I started to back up looking for somewhere to get around. I got out once to check the ditch full of snow to find it was deeper than it looked so I back up down the narrow icy road for a mile and a half. Finally, I found a wide spot and let him around. Backing up in white snow it is very hard to see the edges of the road so it is a bit nerve racking.

However, it wasn't nearly as nerve racking as the North side of the mountain had become during the day. It was very icy, half way up I started slipping and my heart started pumping as I slowed down to a crawl. I wasn't sure I would have enough speed to make it up the 2 mile grade. But I made it and once I cleared the top covered in snowmobile tracks. I started down the other side, which is mostly clear. All I can say is I am glad to be home and don't plan on leaving again until it is cindered. Mountain girl, Paula, calming her nerves in front of a warm fire.

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