Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unseasonable Weather continues

I took a walk up on the mountain today it was 45 degrees as I walked. The birds were chirping in the woods like it was Spring. Even the Chihuahua who doesn't care for winter is happy this year. There is still some snow on North sides of mountains and places on the road, which are icy, so having a set of chains with you is still a good idea.

I saw about a dozen deer together near my pond, a common thing in February usually because of deep snow. This has not been the case this year so I wondered if they would still herd up in groups. I seem to have my answer, yes. In reading it says deer prefer the evergreen browse in the forest during winter months and may congregate here for that reason. I always thought it was so as a group they could beat through the snow easier to find food. If you all know of any reasons deer herd up let me know. I think they will be coming through this winter in good shape.

As for me I am enjoying this weather, not sure it isn't spoiling me for an real winters to come. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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