Thursday, February 9, 2012

Track the Mountain Girl

In order to maintain some sense of security while Lee Anne is gone helping her family, I decided to get a satellite rescue assistant. It uses satellite feed gps positioning to help me send live feed as to my location every 10 minutes. It also has the ability to send an okay message, which I use when arriving at my location. The last two functions are emergency only functions. It can send a message to as many as 20 email or text messages with my coords that I need assistance. It also has a 911 feature that when pressed sends to local 911 my coords for as long as the batteries last.

During the winter months it can often be a week or two without seeing a car go down the road. Longer on roads that have no winter maintenance. It is such roads I travel and on such a road I had my accident. Without cell service I had no way of contacting help. Since my accident was on a Sunday and I was able to pull myself up to the road, I got help. This is not the case during the winter. If roads get too bad, I just do use them but right now they are passable and save me hours and dollars of gas.

I wasn't sure this unit would work back here but it seems to be sending track notices every 10 minutes as advertised. This does give a feeling looking at my track that I drove over the top of mountains. I assure you this is not the case. If you want to see my live track tomorrow. Click on this link: Findme
You can change image to satellite view and see the cabins and trees as well. It seems to get my position around 50 or so feet off. Which is a lot closer than somewhere in 500 acres. Mountain girl, logging off.


rockhouse said...


This product is really neat, as I can see where you have been and are traveling, even from my computer in Colorado. Definitely a smart purchase on your part.
Carol wants to get me one so she can check on my travels......


Anonymous said...

It looks like it good idea, yet it also seems kind of like "Big Brother" is watching.

eaglebear said...

Well, it would be like big brother if I didn't have control of when it broadcasts. But no signal goes out if it isn't turned on. And it is nice having an alternate plan to get help when needed.