Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outta the Way: Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

One of my followers posted this and I thought it was interesting. They say that sightings have been made back in the 1870's. I know of such a one as it was written about in Tannen Bark and Sawdust written about the Leetonia sawmill in its haydays.
Turned out people saw prints of this creature in the snow and movements of it in the woods. In fact, many a brave man ran screaming out of the woods. This brought a french trapper to Leetonia to trap the beast, which he was going to sell to the circus.
He did indeed trap the beast out of the Fahneystock area. It appeared to have been living in a cave. He brought it to Leetonia in a cage and the local kids poked at it with sticks. It growled at them. It would eat only raw meat.
However, it was determined this "Bigfoot", was indeed a man. A mentally disabled man, who on his own had little to wear and had been able to survive by catching and eating local animals and fish. His feet had been frostbite from lack of proper clothing so he left an abnormal footprint, which had started the hunt.
The State intervened and would not let the trapper sell a human, instead they placed him in an asylum where he died from not eating. He would only eat raw food and refused all the cooked food until he died.
It was common during this period of time for the mentally challenged to be abandoned or even chained up by their relatives. Another "hairy ape" was seen in Morris during the same period. He was chained by his relatives but would get loose now and then and scare people. I am not saying "Bigfoot" is impossible. But, make sure you aren't looking at a hairy man as found by people in the past.
Here is latest video news broadcast about one in Pennsylvania: Video
Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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