Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dixie Run Flood continued

Dixie Run creek looking up from bridge on 414

Cement Culvert moved by flood

Dixie Run Rd. breakaway

Dixie Run Rd. Breakaway
I got up to the Dixie Run area again. The guys were at Young Guns camp cleaning up their flood mess. Fortunately for them they had a concrete floor inside camp and throw rugs on it, which are now throw away rugs. Much of their downstairs furniture was damaged and their refrigerator destroyed. They had to cut the drywall up the wall about 18", but with the fans going I didn't notice much of a smell and it seemed they had things fairly under control.
Their biggest concern and the concern of those living in area or with camp in the area are the numerous trees now blocking the creek. You can see on of the blocks in the first picture.
According to early reports the township doesn't have the money to fix anything including the road, which is totally blocked off about 1/2 mile north of the old CCC camp. The road that intersects at the CCC camp and goes over a bridge is also unsafe. The township did "fix" or should I say make barely passable the road in front of Floyd's place(where you see orange cones in pictures). The problem will be if the area gets any more rain before these blockages and damages are addressed it could become an even greater hazard to the road and all below. I think because this was such a small area affected by this monster rain(reports of up to 10" in 6 hours by residents) it has gotten little attention or help. 
Since we will be heading into winter with the possibility of heavy snow/heavy spring runoffs, the idea of more damage being created here and lives or property being at risk is very real. Hopefully, someone will take the bull or should I say "Run" by the horns and get this fixed. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out. 

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