Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Buzzing Hole

Ground Bee Nest
Lee came home the other day after mowing a neighbor's camp and said there was a strange buzzing hole in the ground. She didn't get too close to it but said it looked like someone dropped a bowling ball into the ground.
Now curiosity peaked, I had to go take a look. I had seen bee nests in the ground before, but typically they were small holes that the bees came out of and bite you when you inadvertently walked over them or mowed over them.
I approached the hole and I could hear the buzzing then saw several small bees that were yellow but not as big as the yellow jackets I was used to. I also noticed part of the combs from the nest were about two to three feet from the nest. It became obvious to me that a bear heard the buzzing and decided it may contain something good to eat so dug it up creating the large hole and exposing a large portion of the underground nest. The bees would not let me get any closer for a picture without consequences.  I know it isn't that clear but there are horizontal channels in the lower part of the hole and it is completely filled with a nest similar to the ones you see on trees but underground. So the mystery was solved. The bees didn't dig a large hole for their nest a bear did. I wish I could have witnessed the bear digging as I am sure the bees were not happy about the intrusion.

On another note most of the male hummingbirds have gone south. Lee hasn't seen any of them for around 4 days and the consumption of food has dropped significantly. We still have babies and females who will probably be around for another 2 weeks then they too will gradually disappear until next Spring.

Blue Moon last night over Leetonia
Also got a picture of the blue moon over Leetonia last night it was a beautiful clear night. There are a lot of people up for the last major holiday and the weather looks like it may be hot and dry for most of the weekend. Have a great weekend. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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