Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flash Flood north of Blackwell(Dixie Run area)

Zylwitis Camp side and back yard

Zylwitis camp back yard
 Last week on Sept 6th we had a thunderstorm that dumped about 2 inches of rain fairly fast. Cedar Run and Slate Run had about the same and Liberty had around 4 inches. Imagine my surprise when friends of ours called saying they had heard Dixie Run got 10 inches of rain and the road was washed out. I assured them of no such thing someone must be telling a tall tale. Then I started hearing some other people say similar things. So I went to look today.
All I could say is wow! In a very small area they got 7-8 inches of rain all at once and it roared down Dixie Run. When it came to 414 it bounced and flung over to Young Guns Club leaving their yard a big muddy mess and filling the ditch and road with mud. Then it pushed its way under the bridge and bounced again against the Morris side of the bridge, flinging mud and debris through the back yard of my friend's camp up to the back of their cabin and creating a new much closer creek to their house.
Fortunately, no damage was done to house but the yard is a mess of rocks and mud. Even after almost a week since the rain it is still wet and mushy. Now I must help them figure out what we will be allowed to do with all the mud. I am sure they aren't going to let us push it into the stream.
Young guns camp                                                                              
I apologize to all you who told me they had a lot of rain at Dixie Run. You were right they did get a lot of rain and it did some major damage. I will try and get back down and check farther up Dixie Run and see whether you can get through the road. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out
Young Guns during Flood taken by Donald Strang

Next to 414 and above young guns Donald Strang
 Update some pictures came in showing the area during the actually flooding. I added them. Thanks to Donald Strang for forwarding them to me. It looks even worse when you see how high the water was. I guess that shows you how fast a mountain can multiply a rainfall and cause a quick flash flood.
Dixie Run just before Singing Waters Donald Strang

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buckstrang said...

thanks for the update, have couple pics of dixie run rd i will forward your way. what a mess