Friday, September 7, 2012

Leetonia Saw Mill and Giants in the Forest

Leetonia Saw Mill 1882
Here is a nice picture of the Leetonia Saw Mill given to me by the Sigmans. Looks like there isn't a lot of live trees too close. You can see a young lad to front of picture and it makes you understand how early kids worked  back then. I am sure it was a hard, dirty place to earn a few cents.

Last night we got a heck of a thunderstorm. It made me think of an email I received from a blog reader. He told me a story about a time he and his kids were sitting around a campfire and a large tree studdenly fell. The kids ran for safety thinking giants were in the woods. I thought about that vision last night as I listened to one booming thunder noise after another. The woods of Leetonia were full of Giants and they spit out a few quarter inch hail balls at our house just for fun. Last night's giants were merciful and didn't pull the plug on our electric as they often do when they are romping through the woods.
My empty bucket had 2" of water in it this morning. Even with all that our creek didn't rise a bit. The dry ground almost makes a sucking sound when it does rain. Pine Creek did take a quick rise to just under 4 feet, but dropped back down to 2 pretty quickly. So if you wanted a fast canoe ride you had to be on the ball to get it.  Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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