Saturday, September 15, 2012

Morning Walk

Every morning I try to take a walk with the dogs up the road if the grass is still wet. Seems like that is most days as the dew doesn't dry off until about 10am and by then it is getting a bit hot. I took a picture through the trees so you all could enjoy the view as well. It got down into the upper 30's and rained last night but is clearing off nicely today. It was 47 when we started our walk.
The dogs enjoy their walk even though they can pretty much run everywhere on their own(except Speck due to large predators) they want me to go on an adventure with them. The tiniest one can outlast them all and I tried to get a little of him on a walk, but the small dog is hard to catch on the video. He goes on walks all year the only thing that slows him down is when the snow touches his belly. He gets cold then and I have had to tuck him under my jacket to bring him back. All together we hike anywhere from 2 to 6 miles a day up and down the mountain. The dogs of course do a lot more miles than me weaving back and forth across the road. They stay in good shape and it helps me keep in shape as well. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Char here looks so nice up there dogs look like they really enjoy the walking. hugs & Blessings