Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Leetonia Style

We have gone to Cedar Run Inn most every New Year's Eve since we have been up in Leetonia. Charlotte and Stanley helped us out with jobs the first year and getting connected to other people. Over the last six years they have become like a second family to us.

The Inn is closed during December and January, but Charlotte always has a little party for her family and friends. Games and food are part of the fun.

Drawing pictures can be challenging for some people and easy for others. One thing is sure
Charlotte and her sisters seem to have an almost psychic connection figuring out each others drawings. The second picture shows one of her great nieces drawing while the rest of us guess.
It is a small group of people but a fun way to spend the night. After visiting we drove up from Cedar Run on the very road I had my accident on this summer(I was picked up at the Inn were I lay on the floor waiting for the ambulance). Looking at the spot snow-covered and slick is not a comforting feeling. It is marginal to drive on but not as bad as I have seen it. I certainly don't recommend anyone without four-wheel drive, chains and nerves of steel to go this way. The Subaru Forester with studded snow tires did an excellent job.
I let Lee drive and for the most part I remembered to breathe. I will admit I am not as steady after having the accident. There is something very beautiful about driving through the woods when the snow covers the trees and the moon is out. It was very cold with numbers in the single digits and a good wind chill. So when we made it home the warm cabin was a welcome sight. Mountain Girl, Paula, logging out and looking forward to 2009 living in Leetonia.

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Kate Sholonski (moderator) said... that looks like a party I would love to be a part of. Only I would want to spend the night too.