Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow cold and ice

Scooter is the only one that seems thrilled with the snow. No matter how cold it is he runs his head through the deep snow like a bulldozer until he looks like a frosted dog.
The extreme cold has caused considerable ice build up on the front of our roof something that rarely happens since it is facing the sun. The ice does a lot of damage to roofs this time of year and I am glad I do not have gutters on the edge that is icing. Gutters just help push the ice under the shingles.
It warmed up into the twenties and feels like a heat wave. We are still getting some below zero temperatures at night. The cold has taken a toll on my firewood supply. I have been hunting for a source of seasoned firewood as it looks like we will be about a cord short. We always have the option of burning our green wood but that will not make much heat.
The last picture I took going over the top of Cedar Mountain after a fresh snow. The trees always look so pretty. When the sun comes out the trees will hurl balls of snow down quickly and you almost feel like you are in a snowball fight with them. The sudden snowballs even startle the dogs, they think something is in those trees. Sometimes they would be right as a squirrel would dart across dropping even more snow from the branches. Only in a quiet place like Leetonia can the trees be heard throwing snowballs.
For anyone coming up the roads are tricky anywhere it isn't plowed with about a foot of packed and loose snow on them. Don't try it without four-wheel drive. Better yet stay on the plowed roads and snowmobile back. Mountain girl, Paula, logging out.

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