Tuesday, April 3, 2007

April MOON

Last night was a beautiful full moon, which my digital camera doesn't begin to capture. It was a warm 50 degrees when I took this picture and it was the kind of night you could walk around without a flashlight.

Without moonlight it is so dark here that there are times you can't see your hand in front of your face. I remember once walking down to the Hooke's place from ours with my son, Hal. We had borrowed their four-wheelers and were returning them. It was light when we left and didn't think about taking a flashlight. Well we talked too long and the trip back was in one of those dark nights. It is about a quarter of a mile back to our place down the road and we shuffled along feeling the road with our feet and putting our hands out in front of us feeling for any obstacles. We joked about not wanting to feel anything furry in front of us...like a bear. I did a small recital of "lions and tiger and bears, oh my!" and we laughed nervously. It wasn't til we got close enough to our camp the lights gave us enough light to see anything. It was a small lesson on being prepared.

Lee and I have these headlamps which are great when you have to walk around at night because they allow your hands to be free. Which comes in handy to change a tire, put chains on, pull your groceries home on a sled or use ski poles to balance on the slippery road. All of which we have had to do living up here.

When there is a full moon on a clear day it is like mother nature's street light you can see the woods almost in a dream state. It was a night of a million stars like you see no where else. If you've never sat outside here on a moonlite night with your flashlight off, you have missed one of the great joys and wonders of life and its FREE! A million dollar view you can see anytime in Leetonia.

Mountain Girl Road Report: Muddy, ruddy, but clear to drive on.

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