Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sun may shine again

There is still a little snow on Leetonia Road coming up from Sliders, but I expect most of it to be gone by the end of today. The weather forecast for the weekend is looking rain and 50-60.

This morning the sun coming out brought out the gobblers collecting their hens. I had five in the front yard and could hear gobbling all over. It seems they are happy the cold, wind and rain has stopped today. I even saw a glimpse of the sun.

It is still muddy and ruddy. When it dries out it will be ruddy and dusty. So it is just what kind of dirt you prefer. Lee is gone back to Illinois for a few days seeing family and getting some training for a class we are planning at camp. So the dogs and I will be alone and can be a messy as we want. Although, I probably won't be much worse than usual. Leo is the worse of the two dogs he likes to find things to rip up in the yard into little pieces. He grabbed a cardboard box, some firewood and a quart of oil the other day and made a nice mess on the front yard. Fortunately he didn't get the oil all the way open or he would be a nice mess as well.
Jack sits in the chair on the porch and just watches Leo beating up cardboard. He waits for something more worthy of his energy like chipmunks or bears. With Leo making so much racket Jack is unlikely to see either. Well that is the news from Leetonia. Mountain Girl, Paula, logging out.

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