Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tree Day Tuesday

Well the storm blew over my bear, but didn't do much else so we dodged the snow bullet.

Today is the day I look to see the changes in the trees. First tree is the apple and if you get close you can see the buds swelling a little. This cold weather last week didn't do much to further the tree growth.

Next is the willow still looking fluffy and making a nice cutoff for
spring flower arrangements. Of course all the flowers died during our cold blast so the only option for flowers is the florist.

Last in the three featured plants is the Fire Cherry still thinking about whether it is really Spring or not. I am going to add a maple and an oak to the mix for next week as I expect with the weather getting warmer the changes will be more significant during the next few weeks. Usually by Mothers Day the Apple Tree is blooming; we will see if that happens this year.

It is only two weeks until the 1st of May when the hummingbirds and the barn swallows arrive so it has to warm up. Also special Eagle ALERT! It isn't that uncommon to see an eagle around the big Pine Creek, but both Lee and Jack Bonitz have seen an eagle in Leetonia perching up near the heliport area. I don't know if it was passing through or is thinking of settling in. We will do some more investigation on this.

For now stay warm and think SPRING! The mountain girls are tired of the cold, wet, snowy season. Roads are still sloppy muddy messes, but passable with a vehicle you don't care much about.

Mountain Girl, Paula, Logging out!

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