Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Joys of restoring

Oh the joys of restoring the old place. I saved the best for last. My grandfather and probably a few before him decided the best way to keep water off the back of the cabin wall was to build a foot high concrete curb against the house.

Concrete next to untreated wood has the nasty effect of rotting it. So now I am digging about a foot deep along the house to get it out so I can replace the below the ground stuff with treated lumber. I think it is going to take a jack hammer to get some of it out.

But as you can see from the first picture having the new hemlock up will make it all worthwhile. It was a great day temperature wise yesterday up into the 70's. Today it is rainy and 40's, which has always been my least favorite combo. It chills you to the bone.

Roads are still muddy and ruddy, but much of the frost is getting out so they should start to shape up soon. Of course they are calling for more snow toward the end of the week and I am trying to ignore that word. Mountain Girl reporter, Paula, saying have a good Leetonia day.

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